Welcome to CTLeague

Welcome to the CTLeague, the only place where you can play pool, win cash prizes, and have a lot of fun all at the same time! We are currently in our Introduction phase and will be welcoming all players to sign up in preparation for our kick off season.

We will be starting off with a singles 8 ball masters division. Team 9 ball and team 8 ball will follow, along with some doubles divisions.

Similar, but Different

We know what its like to go to a league match where you have to wait around for hours for your chance to show everyone what you got. We are here to change that. We want players to play more often, wait less, have more fun, and win prizes! There will be a few tweaks to rules and formats to make match play a little more fun and fair. Check out our Team 9 Ball and Singles 8 Ball pages for more information.

Sign up now and reserve your spot for the upcoming seasons!