Fall Brawl 8 Ball Doubles Tournament

ct league fall brawl doubles tournament
CT League Fall Brawl 8 Ball Doubles Tournament

To celebrate our first season coming to an end we are going to be hosting a Scotch Doubles Tournament. It will be a one day, double elimination event that is open for anyone to play in. Check out the rest of this post for more details! This is a one day tournament.

Check out the bracket here: https://tournaments.ctleague.com/fall-brawl

Registered Teams

  • Poke n Hope – Mike Vontobel (6) and James Capuno (4)
  • Island Boys – Brandon Rodrigues (6) and Deryck Ali (4)
  • Gotchu – Joe Linton (5) and Rob Akins (5)
  • Just Kidding – Jay Harkness (3) and Kathy Hall (3)
  • deeznutz – Stano Casole (4) and Ale G. (3)
  • 8 Balls of Fire – Jack Ramaley (5) and Matt Spennato (5)
  • E-Double – Elvin Rodriguez (3) and Eddie Rodriguez (4)
  • Oh boy – Edgar Giribaldo (5) and Justin Manfredonia (3)

Tournament Format

  • Scotch Doubles (Alternate shot)
  • 1 Timeout per rack
  • Max Combined Skill Level of 10 (APA Handicaps)
  • If you do not have an APA Skill Level we will assign one to you
  • Teams of SL10/9 will race to 4, SL8/7 will race to 3, etc..
  • Double Elimination
  • Entry Fee: $40 Per Team ($20 per player)
  • Date: 10/19
  • Locations: TBD (Stamford)
  • Rules: APA 8 Ball
  • Max Teams: 32


To register please let me (Brandon) know via Facebook, Text, Call, Email or in person. Send me your name, APA skill level, and your partners information.

If you do not have a partner, you can still sign up. We will put you on a list of players looking for partners and pair you up or let you get in touch with each other.

Other Information

This will most likely be a one day tournament. We will start early on Saturday morning and finish by the evening. The final matches will be held at one location where we will finish off the night and have an award ceremony and after party.