Fall 2019 Season: New Divisions, Players, and Schedules

CT League billiards

For the upcoming Fall 2019 season there will be some changes to make the league better for everyone involved. We will be adding divisions, shortening the amount of matches, and adding new players.


We will be adding two more divisions/tiers so more people can enjoy some competitive match play. There will be 3 divisions total:

  • Division 1 – Invite Only
  • Division 2 – Intermediate
  • Division 3 – Open

Players will be placed accordingly based on their abilities and will have the opportunity to move up the ranks and even divisions.

Division 3 – Open

The open division is best suited lower level players who are still learning the game, but still want to have some competitive fun. This is a great starting point for players that really want to learn about pool and increase their game. With enough work and dedication you will surely move up to the next division!

Quick notes about Division 3

  • Shorter game races (race to 3)
  • Great for APA skill levels of 4 and under
  • Play against players of the similar skill level
  • Great for beginners
  • Season winner will be moved up to Division 2 (Intermediate)

Division 2 – Intermediate

The intermediate division is for players who are looking for a bit more serious competition. Good to advanced players will battle it out to see who will be victorious. This is the ultimate proving grounds as the season winner will be invited to play in Division 1 (Invite Only).

Quick notes about Division 2

  • Ideal for APA skill levels 4-5
  • Game races to 4
  • Season winner will be invited to Division 1 (Invite Only)

Division 1 – Invite Only

The best of the best compete for it all. Players who have worked hard to be at the top of their game can showcase their skills for the world city to see. The season winner will be crowned COA – Champion of All and be rewarded with trophies, prizes, interviews, and award ceremonies. This is one of the most exclusive clubs to be in. That being said, the lowest performing players of the division will be moved down to Division 2 and will need to work their way back up to Division 1 (this is of course subject to the league operators discretion).

Quick notes about Division 1

  • Biggest payouts
  • Maximum glory
  • Highest level of competition
  • Champion of All (COA) title
  • Game races to 5

Important Changes

Please take note of the following changes

Season Length

We will be reducing the season length from 12 weeks to 8 weeks. This will keep players interested and keep play competitive. This also means faster rewards and more flexibility.

Current Singles League Player Field

At the end of the summer season, only 8 players will remain in Division 1. That means that the remaining 8 players will be moved down to Division 2 (Intermediate). This will make matches more fair and increase attendance. The players chosen to move down or stay in the current division will be based off of performance as well as the league operators discretion.

New Players

Please reach out to Brandon or anyone else in the league to let them know that you want to play. We will get you setup and place you in a division according to your skill level/ability. You can Register Here