Current Rankings 2019

Here are the current Money Leaders and Player Rankings for 2019. Legend and points breakdown are below.

Money Leaders

RankMoney LeadersWinnings
1Chris Avila$300
2Brandon Rodrigues$200
3Rob Akins$175
4Alex Herrera$100
5Joe Linton$75
6Jack Ramaley$75
7Matt Spennato$75

Player Rankings

  • TP – Tournament Points
  • SP – Season Points
  • SPP – Season Playoff Points
  • DTP – Doubles Tournament Points
1Chris Avila01026036
2Rob Akins0991028
3Brandon Rodrigues0814527
4Joe Linton0801018
5Jack Ramaley0001212
6Matt Spennato0001212
7Alex Herrera0120012
8Paul Narine05409
9Rob Kostecki08008
10Tonny Chavez08008
11Yaroslav Loginsky07007
12Stano Casole04026
13Sean Helenese06006
14Deryck Ali00055
15Rocky Janvier05005
16Mike Vontobel00044
17James Capuno00044
18Chris Varricchio03003
19Jay Harkness00022
20Kathy Hall00022
21Ale Greenman00022
22Elvin Rodriguez00000
23Eddie Rodriguez00000
24Edgar Giribaldo00000
25Justin M00000
26Joe Sanabria00000

Point System

Points are divided up into 4 categories: Tournament Points, Season Points, Season Playoff Points, and Doubles Tournament Points. Each of the below awarded points are per player.

Per Match Win

  • Regular Season Match Win: 1 point
  • Playoff Match Win: 2 points
  • Tournament Match Win: 2 points
  • Doubles Tournament Match Win: 1 point

Tournament/Playoff Placements

  • 1st: 20 points (10 points for doubles)
  • 2nd: 10 points (5 points for doubles)
  • 3rd: 5 points (2 points for doubles)
  • 4th: 2 points (1 point for doubles)