8 Ball Singles League Kickoff

8 ball singles league

The concept is simple. Everyone will have one match a week and after 12 weeks of play, there will be one night of playoffs and a champion will be crowned (and paid). I will go over the scheduling, rules, locations, and everything else below.


  • Start Date: TBD (Mid June)
  • Maximum Number of Players: 16 (Two Divisions of 8)
  • Total Weeks: 12
  • Day of Play: Tuesday Night
  • Locations: Cardinals Club, Seaside Cafe
  • Match Times: 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00
  • Race: First to 5
  • NO Handicap – All matches are an even race
  • Call Shot (Intended Ball and Pocket, No Details Needed)
  • Registration Fee: $10
  • Cost Per Match: $5 per player
  • Playoffs: Top 4 players in each division will advance into a one night playoff (Quarterfinal, Semifinal, Final) Updated Playoff Rules Here
  • Payout: Top 3 playoff finishers will be paid (1st place estimated $500)


  • The first 16 people to pay the registration fee will be guaranteed a spot in the league. Contact Brandon for registration and payment.
  • If you have any time/location constraints please let us know and we will try out best to schedule your matches accordingly.
  • Spots are filling FAST so be sure to secure your spot before it’s too late!
  • Any questions, comments, or concerns please contact Brandon@CTLeague.com

Rescheduling Matches

Players may reschedule any match as long as both players agree. You can play anywhere, at anytime. If players cannot agree on a date to play their match, they will have to play at the original scheduled time. If this is not possible you may contact Brandon for assistance. Any matches not completed in a timely manner will result in a forfeit.

Call Shot

Players must call their intended ball and intended pocket. Details of the shot are not necessary. If there is a combination shot, you do not need to call the “combo”, simply call whichever ball you are intending to make into the pocket. If the intended ball does NOT go into the intended pocket, the shooters turn is over. You do not need to call obvious shots.


Player A calls the 3 ball in the side pocket. He legally makes contact with his 3 ball (missing the side pocket) and the 6 ball goes into the corner pocket. This shot is no good and it is Player B’s shot.

Player B calls a bank shot on the 11 ball into the corner pocket. The 11 ball goes 3 rails back and forth and eventually goes into the called pocket. This is a legal shot and Player B continues his turn.

Player A calls the 9 ball into the corner pocket. He shoots wildly at the 10 ball, makes contact, and creates a chain reaction where balls are flying everywhere. At the end of all the mayhem, the 9 ball slowly falls into the called pocket. This is a legal shot and Player A continues to shoot.